A New Generation Rises...

A New Era in the Lands of Mist

For 25 years, titans walked the Lands of Mist. They were the Children of Kirablis. The Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown.

From humble roots they rose to shoulder the burdens of all the Core. They ended the Great Upheaval. They silenced the Lawgiver. They halted the Hour of Ascension. And when a still greater threat arose, they took up their arms and vanished along a road none had ever travelled.

Six years have passed. The mark the Goblinslayers made upon the world was not obliterated, but neither is it indelible. The folk lament their passing. They are The Missed. In the eastern borderlands, threats against the civilized world have multiplied. Ancient evils and some who survived the scourging of the Goblinslayers skulk in the same shadows as new perils borne of this era.

Those who leave the safety of home do so at their own peril. The baron's men are scarcely able to keep the towns safe. Patrols do their best on the winding, wilderness roads, but lurking horrors thirst for the blood of the foolish. And yet, the lost treasures of Necropolis call adventure seekers. To find ruins from another age, to seek out subterranean hideaways and mountainside redoubts.

The time has come for a new generation of adventurers. Of treasure seekers. Of guardians. The time has come for the next generation of heroes.