A New Generation Rises...

Rise of the Fey

When the first crypt rangers travelled north into Darkon, they were accompanied by a cabal of fey under the rulership of the Fairy Queen Shiarella. For some reason yet to be explained, the travelers settled in the barony of Rivalis. Many human generations passed. In all that time, these fey were the only fey in Darkon.

When Keradre Androlov claimed a position in the Feywild, though, fey began to appear in the barony of Nevuchar. Some are the Feyliege’s supporters, loyal to the Feyliege and her allies on the Court of Stars, including Shiarella. Others, though, are loyal to her foes on the Court, not the least of which are Morwel, Queen of Stars, and the cold-hearted Prince of Frost. They have come to sow discord. To undo the work of the Feyliege in the mortal world.

When it comes to the fey, even a friendly fey can devastate a human life. But when the fey come with the goal of inflicting harm, the damage can be immeasurable. Every year since the coronation of the Feyliege, the number of fey encountered in Nevuchar has increased. More than a few across the borderlands have begun to whisper that the sporadic encounters with the fey have not been as random as they seem. Rather, there is a purpose behind them. They are building towards something...cataclysmic.