A New Generation Rises...

Pirates of the Nocturnal Sea

Within days of the revelation of the Nocturnal Sea, men sailed its waters. Within hours of the first ship leaving a makeshift port, a pirate captain hoisted his colors and made profit out of anotherís misfortune.

Years have passed. Both trade and piracy thrive along the east coast. Merchants set sail from ports running the length of Darkon and Nova Vaasa. Pirates have made a home of the many uncharted islands off the coast.

Some pirates seek only booty. Others are much worse, taking prisoners to sell as slaves or leaving just one man alive to tell their tale. The most infamous have become names whispered at hearths and taprooms across the eastern Core. Slygo, Gasteban, Teldar, Vurgrom. The mere mention of any of these is enough to send a shudder through the saltiest seadog.

Worst of all, even the largest of settlements in the borderlands fear the yellow-sailed ships of the Slave Lords. Feetla, Nerelas, Mordrammo, Ajakstu, and Brother Milerjoi hold a unique place in the nightmares of everyone within several days' ride of the Nocturnal Sea. Their ships strike as they please and carry off whatever--and whomever--they desire.