A New Generation Rises...

What Awaits You?

The world has changed since the days of the Goblinslayers. Without their heroic influence, the eastern borderlands have once again become a warren of dangers and threats. Goblins amass in the Forest of Shadows. Gnolls roam the southern badlands. More draconic survivors of Ergosia have begun to make their presence known.

But those are individual threats. They are not the stuff of ongoing storylines or campaign-level plots. At least, not yet. Your actions always have the ability to make a story where none existed before. And, if something in these themes does not appeal to you, your choice of adventures can remove a story where one was planned.

On this page are our main campaign themes. These are the stories that connect behind the scenes, and will rise to the surface more and more frequently as time goes on. These give you a clear impression of the sorts of foes that will arise most often in the stories of the Legacy campaign. Some arose in the wake of the Goblinslayers, some hunger for revenge because of their many defeats at the hands of the Goblinslayers, and others are entirely new threats created by the modern era.