A New Generation Rises...

Alliama Kara Androlov

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Ranger-Druid

Historical Anecdote:

Alliama Androlov slammed the door to Labonita's tower. The olde girl never believed her. The brownie has indicated the glen was in jeopardy. With Big at her side, Alli crept through the night south towards the Glen. She cluthced the bow in her hand, arrow at the ready. If Mama Tell heard she'd be gone investigating on her own, she'd be in trouble, but Nature called...

Dechan fell in quietly beside her. He had heard the disagreement. No matter what Labonita said, this was important to Alli. And she couldn't go alone. So, he'd grabbed his sword and belts and snuck out of the manor while the fight was going. "So, what's the story with the glen?" he asked, as they walked. Soon they arrived at the glen.

Kyler squared off with the trio of goblins. He had placed himself between them and Crispin's Oak. A sharp, hooked blade dripped with some black ichor.

"They were trying to carve something on the oak!" he shouted as his friends broke through the circle. The goblins turned on them, and Kyler swung his staff, cracking the leader on the back of the head. Dechan loosed his sword and closed the distance; Alli struck one in the hsoudler with an arrow. They fled into the dark.

Schel, the druidess, appeared in time to see their retreat. The three were commended for their defense of the glen--much to Labonita's chagrin.

Mentors: Great-Grandfather Oliantreer and Grandmother Thailphu

Oliantreer is ancient, even for an elf. By most estimates he is nearly a millennium in age. And he is as skilled as his age might imply. Members of the village of Ravenesh Kesire, of which he is a high council member, take a single path through to mastery. The fact that he took up the mantle of Druid after spending centuries as a ranger infers the prowess this elfin hero attained in his long career.

Thailphu, mother of the Feyliege Keradre, is a ranger of no small amount of skill.

While Alliama had made several journeys to the elfin village of Ravenesh Kesire, at the start of her career, Oliantreer and Thailphu had only come to the enclave twice. These visits represented the only time in centuries that Oliantreer had entered the world of humans, explaining the secrecy surrounding both visits. The fact that Oliantreer would deign to enter a human settlement ascerts that either his love for his great-granddaughter is supreme or that Keradre's Ascension to the throne of the feyliege radically impacted his view of the world.

Oliantreer's long white hair gleamed against his rose-colored leather armor. He looked at the pair of fiery heads that bowed over the specimen. According to the younger of the two, such strange occurrences used to be routine, commonplace. As a young child, Nature veritably bowed to grace his great-grandchild. As she had grown, become more connected to the world of man, more aware of perceived limitations, the gifts had faded.

Rarely, now, they sprung forth as they had today. The girl had been angry, bested again by Thailphu and in her fury had thrown one of Chilton AnDearg's scimitars into the ground at the base of a long-ago burned tree. The handle quivered, and as the girl grasped it beads of copper leeched up the edge of the blade from the ground beneath. The girl stooped to gather them on a fingertip and steadied her hand against the tree. As she pulled her hand away, the tree unfurled a beautiful oak leaf, seemingly impossibly from it's raw, fire-raked husk.

Her emotion brought Nature to life. He could see the raw talent, but she must learn control. The copper and leaf were brought back to his kitchens, and Thailphu helped the girl paint the liquid copper over the leaf's surface to protect the veined beauty. Together they watched it harden. When his granddaughter could balance her raw furious emotion with the precision training would bring, she would be great. Of this Oliantreer was quite sure.

Why do you want to adventure you around the Enclave, or keep the Enclave safe? What keeps you here?

Alli was the first of the babies born in the Enclave. Born in a small back bedroom of Androlov manor when it was still under construction, she is tied to the place. A child, turned partial orphan at 13 and bereft fully of her parents and only full-blood sibling at 18, the Enclave is her home and last, greatest connection to her beloved father. She is incapable of turning her back on the Enclave.

What keeps you busy around the Enclave? Do you have a job? What do you do?

Alli is entirely lost in terms of professional ambition. Her simple physical needs are far exceeded by the home and fortune her parents left for her. She spends her time gardening, walking the forest, and training with various members of the Enclave and her grandmother and great grandfather. At 19 she feels entirely inadequate to meet the expectations the world has for the child of two Goblinslayers. Her closest and longest standing relationship is with the giant cat, Big, with whom she has been bonded since childhood.

The Missed departed from the Enclave six years ago. Who has acted as your parent in the interim?

For several years, Alli was able to travel at unpredictable intervals to live with her mother for part of the year in the Feywild. Keradre's influence was maintained through this shared custodial relationship, though inarguably her connection with her daughter has become fragmented over the years. The responsibilities of the Feyliege, partnered with Keradre's intense bond with Alliama's only blood sibling, Owen Androlov, fractured Alli's relationship with her mother.

Indeed, the boy Owen, who grew to resemble his father Darius more every day, was not, by his will or her mother's (Alli was never sure) ever to return to the Core. Memories of his existence seem to have faded from the minds of those remaining in the Core, as if by some magical severing. During her time in the Feywild, Alli also observed that the dreamscape bond Keradre and Darius had shared over the years, appeared, at least in her mother's mind, to still exist. Watching Keradre retain what appeared to be an active, nightly, bond with her legendary father---a bond that Alli could not hope to replicate for herself---cemented their division.

During her early adolescence, time away from the Feywilde was spent in the home of Kalromen and his wife Tellerion (whom Alli lovingly calls Mama Tell). They provided structure and moral grit that was often lost, or at best ambiguous, in the Feywild. After her last re-entrance to the Core on the eve of her 18th birthday, Kalromen turned over physical custody of Androlov manor (which he had stewarded since her parents departure) to Alliama. She has lived in the manor since, neighbored by her adopted sister, Labonita who resides in the Archmage's tower.

Over the past year Alli has made some trips away from the manor and on two occasions, in the dark of winter, had two hooded guests came to stay. The identity of these guests, and destination of these visits, is unknown to most save Alli and Mama Tell. It can't be denied that a bond is growing between the elfin ranger, Thailphu, and her famous granddaughter, and that the spiritual influence of her great grandfather, Oliantreer is valued by the girl.

How did the departure of your parent(s) change your plans and outlook?

Adolescence is hard for any youth, but Alliama's was rocked by departure of her parents. In a few short years she suffered an undoing of her relationship with her mother, loss of her only full-blooded sibling, and disappearance of her father. She is simultaneously, and constantly surrounded by the ghost, memory, and inherited expectation of her parents, while feeling entirely abandoned and alone. She knows that her family's sacrifice, along with those of the Goblinslayers, secured a future for the world, but equally feels robbed of that to which she feels most primally entitled--home.

She had planned as a youth, to adventure with her parents upon reaching her majority, and had long envisioned the grand adventures and stories she would become lead character in. She had dreamed of her father handing down his famous weapons as he became too old to go on the road, and of marrying a famous rogue and carrying on the name Goblinslayer. Without her parents to guide her, she isn’t sure how an adventuring life would start, if ever.

How would your Missed parent(s) be proud of you?

Undeniably, Darius and Keradre Androlov possess a love for their daughter that exceeds time, space, and the challenges the young half-elf is struggling through as she finds her identity. Keradre, once lost in finding her own path, would likely rejoice in her daughter's internal struggle as she fought to find herself in a world with great expectations. Darius would be proud of the girl's heart. Despite any adolescent angst Alli has struggled with over the past years, her heart is pure gold.

How would your Missed parent(s) be disappointed in you?

Darius would be and Keradre is disappointed that Alli has allowed deep fissures to form in her relationship with her mother during the limited time they had contact over the past years. Both would be disappointed that the girl has allowed herself to wallow in the hardships of recent years. They would have expected Alli to have picked herself up in the last six years and to have begun to contribute meaningfully to society. Her semi-secluded, unwilling heiress lifestyle would be disappointing to two great leaders of the Enclave.

What is your greatest fear?

Keradre Androlov was notably fearful of submersion in a body of water, and her husband Darius ran for years from false (and true) memories of a barbaric past. Alliama's greatest fear is that she will fail to become anything close to what her parents and the world may expect of her. Fear of failure cripples her now, and will, eventually, drive her.

What are you short-term (low-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, achievements, etc.)

Alli's primary goal in life is to do something that matters...something great. However, teetering on the cusp of adulthood, in the literal shadow (15-foot high sculptural shadows) of legendary parents; her innate (though untrained) connection to the natural world, rudimentary weapon finesse, scrawny, wiry frame, and beautiful (though nowhere near her mother's) face leave her feeling less than capable. Thailphu and Oliantreer have begun to develop and control her connection to Nature and skill with a blade. Labonita has introduced her to the finer points of lip balm, but she is still, very much, a girl.

The one creature who sees without difficulty, the wonder Alli is, and the legend she may be, is the loyal and loving Big. Unnaturally ageless, and strangely wise, the large cat will follow Alli for as long as he is able. A boon placed on him at the feet of the Feyliege, preserves him as a family for Alli while she finds herself.

Alliama Androlov will succeed only when she steps out of her parent's shadows. When she embraces herself, the child who could talk to animals, under whose infant feet moss sprung up to shield her tender soles from rocky ground. As she grows she will shed the childish daydreams of becoming a copy of her parents and embrace being of them, but separate. Nature becomes her greatest ally and strongest love. She revels the warm, comfortable neutrality and balance found in the natural world.

What are you medium-term (mid-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, prestige classes, achievements, etc.)

See above.

What are you long-term (epic-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, epic destinies, achievements, etc.)

See above.

The Darkonese Civil War lasted twice as long as the American Civil War, and it ended less than a decade ago. Veterans and ill-feelings simmer beneath the Iron Crown's reign. How has the Civil War impacted your life?

Alli is a well to do, somewhat directionless youth in a time where men with much less recently gave all with great purpose. She seemingly flounders in how she should best meet the masses. Once in a fit of generosity Alli brought an unbalanced veteran soldier into the Androlov estate on a cold night, resulting in a lecture from Pieter on making unsafe and reputation-staining choices, as well as the permanent loss of a silver ewer, as the ex-soldier made off with it in the night. On another occasion she made a lavish gift to a family who had a poor business endeavor and spent weeks, with Kalromen guiding her, explaining to various families in the Enclave why she could not replicate her gift for them. Her heart is big but she hasn't developed her parent's knack for diplomacy, and sometimes fails to understand the downstream consequences of her actions.

What one thing should the DM keep in mind about your character?

Alliama Kara Androlov has every capacity to live up to her namesakes from this age and past ages. Keradre's beauty and grace run through the girl despite the lanky awkwardness of late adolescence, as does the Androlov sense of justice and balance. Her inborn talents with nature harken back to the ranger-druid Oliantreer and her ranger grandmother, Thailphu. Practical and self reliant as Kara Valorn, with the dignity of the elfin warrior Alliana, Alli will become great, provided she can get out of her own way.