A New Generation Rises...

Anson Malghetti

Race: Human

Class: Fighter-Sorcerer

Historical Anecdote:

Anson was sitting on the edge of th Dawnsinger fountain, playing his mandolin. At the end of one last song, he struck the lowest note of the instrument, causing the string to break. Simultaneously, the sound of breaking wood followed by a low boom could be heard nearby. Startled, he looked around to attempt to locate the source of the cacophony.

David had been walking by, and had stopped to listen to Anson. When he heard the string break, he immediately pulled a new string out, fixed the mandolin, and then suggested that they go investigate the disturbance.

When they arrived, they discovered someone sitting confused on the ground, slightly blacked and singed.

Finnias blinked as he saw Anson and David standing over him. A muffled groan emitted from underneath him, as he rolled off another figure. Kyler Valorn held a pair of black cauldrons clamped together and blacked smoke belching from the seams. His eyes went wide, and he clambered to his feet and ran, full tilt, with the cauldrons and trailing smoke, toward the fountain.

The cauldrons exploded, with a geyser of water and a loud, "Whoompf!"

Kyler stood in the fountain, drenched and besooted. "Damn!" he spat.

"Master Radu will require another...batch, Master Finnias," he swore softly in Lamordian as David and Anson laughed at him.

Mentor: Caladan Thyrfing and Cormac O'Faolain ne Tegiel (KOR-MAC O-FAIL-in)

Caladan Thyrfing was called "Little Kal," by none other than Pieter Daghaeron himself--and though Thyrfing, at 6'5" and exceeding 275 pounds, was far from little, through no small feat of irony, the name stuck--at least among the leadership of the Enclave. He is a fighter, and a knight of staves.

It was truly his propensity for the quarterstaff, though, that cemented the name. It is said that sometimes, in the quiet hours of the dimming evening, in the pale glow from the windows of the Temple of Delios, the High Prelate himself could be seen practicing forms with Caladan, reaching out, correcting his position. Speaking softly.

Caladan's peers became deferential; The Lord Protector said nothing of the relationship, but pushed him harder in this training. He ascended the ranks as a capable fighter, and faithful of Delios.

So it was an honor, and solemn undertaking, the day that Pieter Daghaeron ushered him into the chambers of Kalromen Pel Belegdur, whereupon the High Prelate himself charged Caladan with the martial education of Anson Malghetti, and his maturation into a future hero of the Enclave.

* * *

Cormac O'Faolain ne Tegiel's mother, Aoife (EF-fa), was midwife at the birth of Caleb Tegiel. She was also a SHADOW infiltrator who assisted in spiriting him out of the domain in the year 711. Cormac O'Faolain Tegiel was born less than a year later.

As he grew, Cormac proved himself a talented sorcerer, rising through the cutthroat ranks of the clan, guided by his mother and aided by her machinations. He remained something of an outsider, however, in no small part because of his mother's mitigating influence. The pair sided with Canter Tegel in his belief that Clan Tegiel should be rid of Baphomet's influence. Cormac's approach to this--as with all things, however--was somewhat less chaotic and aggressive.

After the fall of Caizel, Canter Tegiel, who had enjoyed Aoife's and Cormac's assistance in his own rise, slew the old woman, citing his intolerance for traitors in his midst. Not knowing if Canter knew of Aoife's outside allegiances, or he was citing a convenient excuse to seek more power for himself, Cormac fled.

Cormac eventually arrived at the Enclave, now bearing his mother's surname. He sought asylum there, in the form of privacy and solitude. He sought, too, to watch over the children of Markus Valorn--in part to honor his mother's previous efforts, and in part to bolster the ranks against the Tegiels, should they turn their eye outward on the world.

In recent years, Cormac approached each of Markus' children, and offered to train them in the sorcerous arts. Kyler Valorn--surprisingly--failed. Beatrice Valorn refused. Only Anson Malghetti took up his father's mantle. This was a source of great distress to Markus' elder son; he regards Anson with a certain degree of envy, and Beatrice with some disdain because of it, though it does not diminish his love for them.

Why do you want to adventure you around the Enclave, or keep the Enclave safe? What keeps you here?


What keeps you busy around the Enclave? Do you have a job? What do you do?


The Missed departed from the Enclave six years ago. Who has acted as your parent in the interim?


How did the departure of your parent(s) change your plans and outlook?


How would your Missed parent(s) be proud of you?


How would your Missed parent(s) be disappointed in you?


What is your greatest fear?


What are you short-term (low-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, achievements, etc.)


What are you medium-term (mid-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, prestige classes, achievements, etc.)


What are you long-term (epic-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, epic destinies, achievements, etc.)


The Darkonese Civil War lasted twice as long as the American Civil War, and it ended less than a decade ago. Veterans and ill-feelings simmer beneath the Iron Crown's reign. How has the Civil War impacted your life?


What one thing should the DM keep in mind about your character?