A New Generation Rises...

David Basil Abira

Race: Human

Class: Monk

Historical Anecdote:

One brisk spring morning, David awoke to the sound of Dawnsinger almost directly below him. As he awoke, his first thought was, "Oh, no...not again."

As his unintentional levitation ended, he fell. He was able to tumble, so as to no get hurt, but he stumbled into....

...Dechan as he walked by, lost in thought. "OOF!" he exclaimed as the wind was knocked out of him. "David? What are you doing here?"

Before David could answer, a shout rang out. "Thief!" cried the nearby baker. "Stop him!"

Dechan picked himself up, glanced at David, and gave chase.

They pursued the accused through alleys and streets until they reached the market. In the man's attempt to flee, he tripped, falling into the first of a row of shelves. The shelves toppled, onea after another, eventually crashing into a large statue at the end of the row. After the commotion had settled, realization set in, causing David and Dechan to swiftly apprehend the thief. As they raised him to his feet, they looked forward to find Anson gazing on the situation.

Mentor: Master Ioan (YO-an)

Master Ioan of the Monastery of Kriesch accompanied David on his journey west. The old monk traveled not as David's teacher or mentor--though he would always be seen as both--but rather on a sabbatical. His justly earned reputation among the monks of the monastery had left him in a position where some time away was seen as appropriate. Further, he had learned through David's friends and family of the monastery south of the Enclave. This monastery piqued his interest, for they seemed to practice a style of monastic rites dedicated to the Morninglord, but centuries removed from anything practiced in Kriesch.

Master Ioan stated plainly that he would journey with David to the Enclave. There, he and David would find their way, together at first, as David continued to grow as a monk. Master Ioan would investigate these new--or rather, very old--monks housed in the East. And, perhaps, then he would return to Lamordia, after finding a suitable replacement for himself as David's mentor among the monks of the Enclave.

Master Ioan is past his mature years, having attained the age where he is entitled to his opinions, and his years of scholarly work and attention to detail have justified his sense that his opinions serve him well. Sharp-witted, Master Ioan is shockingly capable of expressing emotions for the normally dour and soft-spoken monks of his order. Ioan possesses a rich laugh, and has proven ready to encourage his pupil to release his tight grasp upon his emotions.

Why do you want to adventure you around the Enclave, or keep the Enclave safe? What keeps you here?

It is a home away from the monastery; Morgan had multiple homes, all of which he defended. Sis defended her home. I should defend mine.

What keeps you busy around the Enclave? Do you have a job? What do you do?

I am a historian. I spend my time in any libraries I can, and meeting with eye witnesses to gain their perspective.

The Missed departed from the Enclave six years ago. Who has acted as your parent in the interim?

My mother is still around; I see her from time to time. Master Ioan and Master Giovanni were my two closest mentors at Kriesch; they were my fathers during my time there, even though they didn't get along. Ioan was the wild and impulsive one (well, for a monk), while Giovanni was all discipline and rigor. I haven't found a father figure at the Enclave yet.

How did the departure of your parent(s) change your plans and outlook?

My father died well before the others departed. He gave his life so that they could live to attain their greatness. While several new members attempted to replace him, he has always been part of the core, even when absent. I, too, will be part of the iron core of the Legacy of the Missed.

How would your Missed parent(s) be proud of you?

I have achieved the title of Brother. I have been studious, as my father tried to be. I will defend those who are important to the future of the Core, just as my father did.

How would your Missed parent(s) be disappointed in you?

My father was impulsive - speaking his mind, and acting with few thoughts of himself. I am much more reserved. Also, he was a leader; I don't have a way with people. While I may be part of the iron core, I will not be the leader that he was. I can advise the leader, but could not live up to his example.

What is your greatest fear?

Failing to protect those I love. My father gave his life doing so, and both my parents fought for weeks to protect those who built Nekirablis.

What are you short-term (low-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, achievements, etc.)

Continuing to build my knowledge of history. Learning to throw these blasted shuriken proficiently. Learning to harness and control my latent psionic abilities.

What are you medium-term (mid-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, prestige classes, achievements, etc.)

Become Psi-Touched. Become one of the leading monks in my order.

What are you long-term (epic-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, epic destinies, achievements, etc.)

Champion of Prophecy, Diamond Soul, Eternal Hero, Indomitable Champion, Legendary General, Lorekeeper, Master of Moments, Parable, Sage of Ages, Tactical Master. Yes, all of them. :)

The Darkonese Civil War lasted twice as long as the American Civil War, and it ended less than a decade ago. Veterans and ill-feelings simmer beneath the Iron Crown's reign. How has the Civil War impacted your life?

I arrived after the Civil War. It has given me the opportunity to get eye-witness accounts of battles, and to begin writing on how and why battles were won/lost. Well, from those that will talk, that is. Most? Give them an ale or three, and stories start to pour out. Some? Almost draw steel on me when I ask...

What one thing should the DM keep in mind about your character?

I am a historian and a librarian. Who happens to be a monk and psionicist. One that is fanatically devoted to keeping allies alive, at that.