A New Generation Rises...

Dechan Mackenzie

Race: Human

Class: Cleric of Delios-Mage

Historical Anecdote:

Dechan was working on learning an alchemical recipe. Labonita had provided the instructions, and he was doing his best to follow them. But he combines the ingredients incorrectly, and a small explosion followed, blasting out the windows of the lab. Again.

Gwendolyn was walking past and startles at the sound. With her ears ringing, she runs up the hill to see whether she can be of assistance.

Alliama ran towards the house, catching Gwendolyn. Together, they climbed through the lab window, coughing on the smoke. Dechan lay under Keradre Androlov's favorite tapestry. The tapestry licked with flames. Together, the girls smothered the fire, looking up in time to see Kalromen and Pieter coursing across the front lawn of the manor. Alli winced. She and Dechan would be in for it. At least Androlov Manor still stood. The lecture that followed in the dining room over dinner that evening left the half-elf steward of Androlov Manor and her residential mage apprentice friend each with faces the same color as their hair.

Mentors: Labonita Androlov and Moss Charles

Both wild in spirit and shrewdly intelligent, the only logical path for Labonita was that of a wild mage. Of the three children, Labonita is the one who dwells permanently in the Enclave. She has the most street smarts of the three children, as well. Labonita shares a bit of Fiorello's rule-breaking streak. Though her beauty will never rival her half-sister's, Labonita's sass, and flashy style serve her well.

She has curly hair of an ambiguous shade between blonde and brown. She is constantly experimenting with herbs to try and lighten it. Her eyes, which miss the golden honey color of her sister's are a light hazel. They are set just a smidge too close over a perky button nose. Where Aedoin is lithe and willowy, Labonita is blessed with lovely curves.

Moss Charles was one of the original Dawnblades who founded the Enclave. A mature fellow when the groundbreaking occurred, Moss is now retired and entering his winter years. Always a rough fellow, well-suited to life in the eastern borderlands, Moss puts great stock in those who earn his trust. Moss is a skilled warrior and also a cleric of Delios. His outlook, on the edge of the church's strict focus on structure and order, has allowed him to understand and support Dechan as the younger man found his faith and direction in the church.

Why do you want to adventure around the Enclave, or keep the Enclave safe? What keeps you here?

Dechan stayed at the Enclave at first because of the threat of what would happen to him if he left. At best, he would be imprisoned and brought back to the House to face the full punishment for what had occurred.

It wasn't long, however, before Dechan came to love the settlement in the East. Labonita was a firm but impish mistress, who encouraged him to explore his power while at the same time lending aid to those in need of assistance. It began simply enough--helping children find lost pets, then parents finding lost children, then helping others with more difficult tasks. This, combined with the reverence in which Darius Androlov and the Goblinslayers are held, gave Dechan a strong sense of kinship with the people of the Enclave. He now regards the Enclave as his city, and the citizens as his people. And like his Grandfather, that sense of family motivates him to protect them, even at the hazard of his own life. Perhaps at the peril of his own soul.

What keeps you busy around the Enclave? Do you have a job? What do you do?

Much of Dechan's time is consumed by his magical studies with Labonita. He manages to find time to answer those calls that come his way. There are many able-bodied souls in the Enclave, and many varied skill sets. Yet he has developed a reputation for loyalty and dogged pursuit of his goals. Once he has decided his assistance is needed, he will pursue the end with intense focus.

This has often led him to conflict with Labonita, and the two have a tempestuous relationship. Secretly, she is proud of his efforts and determination to do what is right, even if his priorities are often misplaced, in her opinion.

The Missed departed from the Enclave six years ago. Who has acted as your parent in the interim?

First the House of Sages, then Labonita. Dechan has made efforts to contact his biological parents, but those efforts have so far been unsuccessful. In fact, it has been almost impossible to glean information about Leafton or his family, a fact which is never far from Dechan's thoughts.

How did the departure of your parent(s) change your plans and outlook?

Gilean Vel's death was a fierce shock to the young Dechan, and the removal to the House of Sages was a nearly staggering blow. Followed so soon by his expulsion therefrom, he is still trying to understand what has happened to him. He feels as if he has been thrown upon a sea of uncertainty, and while he has come to view the Enclave as his new home, the only person he has really allowed himself to trust there, so far, is Labonita.

He yearns to cement new relationships, but he is frightened that the moment he does so, they will be ripped away from him too. He has some nascent feelings of camaraderie for the other characters, but keeps himself removed from them to a rather large degree.

How would your Missed parent(s) be proud of you?

Dechan believes his mother and father would be very proud of him for having begun mastering his arcane powers, like Gilean. And they would also be proud that he has come to the Enclave and is among followers of the Morninglord, making strong efforts to aid them in their goals.

How would your Missed parent(s) be disappointed in you?

They would be heartbroken to know what had transpired in the House of Sages. Likewise, they would be sad to learn that he now holds himself back from those around him because of his fear of losing them.

What is your greatest fear?

Dechan learned from his grandfather that he was powerful in the ways of magic. Giliean also warned him that the Lord of the Undead has a long memory, and that he would tempt members of the family to make use of their power, as well as gain a modicum of vengeance against Gilean's bloodline. The teacher at the House of Sages was so insidious and so convincing that Dechan nearly did his bidding. It was only at the last moment that he realized what was happening, and even then he was barely able to stop it.

His greatest fear, then is that he will somehow be lured to use his power in service to Orcus, either in life or undeath. He dreams of this so often he fears it might have the power of prophecy.

What are you short-term (low-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, achievements, etc.)


What are you medium-term (mid-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, prestige classes, achievements, etc.)


What are you long-term (epic-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, epic destinies, achievements, etc.)


The Darkonese Civil War lasted twice as long as the American Civil War, and it ended less than a decade ago. Veterans and ill-feelings simmer beneath the Iron Crown's reign. How has the Civil War impacted your life?


What one thing should the DM keep in mind about your character?


Background Information:

Dechan Mackenzie is the son of Katya and James Mackenzie. James was a bard who originally hailed from Nova Vassa, who had been traveling the core honing his craft. Always in search of a good story, he had heard the barest whispers that the Revered Dreadmaster had failed in his efforts to cure a five-year old girl in 723. For years, he tracked the story, learning much of the Vel family history, and eventually locating their home in Leafton.

James began covertly seeking more information in the heart of the village, eventually deducing the names of Gilean, Daitha and Katya Vel. In Leafton, he also began to hear the tales of the miracle that had cured her. He took a liking to a girl in the village, and was quite shocked when he learned that she was in fact the subject of his story.

He made the decision to settling Leafton and woo Katya Vel, and, over time, she fell in love with him. Passing muster with Gilean Vel, unsurprisingly, took more time. Before Katya and James were married, James disclosed to Katya and Gilean his original reason for seeking the Vel name--a decision which nearly cost him the hand of his bride to be. It became clear, however, that James no longer sought the story--instead, he had chosen to give up the traveling life and settle down with Katya.

They were wed twice--first by Katya's uncle Daitha, and later in a Church of the Morninglord, and they enjoyed several happy years together, raising their children. The death of Gilean Vel came as a terrible shock, which left the entire family in mourning. When Darius Androlov returned to see Katya and the children, it lifted them out of their depression, and caused them to once again look to the future.

Dechan, named in honor of Darius Androlv and Gilean Vel, had shown from an early age an aptitude for arcane magic. Gilean began the boy's tutelage with the consent of his parents, if for no other reason than to prevent him from inadvertently harming himself and his family members.

Gilean's training was full of cautionary information on the powers that he had allied himself with, including Orcus. Gilean feared that his assistance in Orcus' defeat had marked his family for future repercussions. He expected to pay that price himself, and so made arrangements for his grandson to study at the House of Sages, in the event Gilean could no longer continue his training.

When Gilean Vel was killed by the Aginor, Dechan was granted admittance to the House.

The shambles left of the House of Sages after the War of the Shadow honored their pledge to Vel, and brought his grandson into their ranks. Upon testing at the time of his arrival, the House learned that Dechan had the potential to gain enough magical strength to become an Archmage--a power that was sorely lacking in many of the more recent recruits, not to mention those who survived the War of the Shadow. He was highly sought after as a pupil and a bidding war for to become his teacher commenced, unbeknownst to the students at the House. The mentor was a person who had a keen interest in the Vel family legacy and, at first, seemed to be solely interested in Dechan's education and well being.

The person's interest proved anything but benign, however. The teacher began to introduce Dechan to foundational elements of Shadow Magic. Gilean had tried to warn his grandson of the dangers of Shadow Magic practice, but the teacher was able to entice the impressionable young man before he realized what was happening.

The teacher was, in fact, a follower of the Lord of the Undead, who was attempting to carry out the first phase of his master's plans to bring the Vel bloodline back under his control. Dechan realized what his teacher was doing, but it was almost too late. Dechan and his teacher engaged in combat and after a desperate act, Dechan survived--barely. His mentor did not appear to have the same luck.

Dechan was put on trial in the House of Sages for the death of his master. The ruling council could not acknowledge that the master had been allied with the Lord of the Undead--the House was still seriously unstable after the War of the Shadow, and its credibility would be shattered if the students and national leaders learned that a demonic force was exerting influence over its latest incarnation.

The only punishment for the willful slaying of a Wizard within the House of Sages is death. The council knew that to commute that sentence would undermine their efforts to re-establish the order that they so desperately craved.

Aedoin offered a solution that no one found entirely palatable, but which allowed everyone to continue as if the law had been upheld. Dechan was banished from the House of Sages, having been found guilty of extreme negligence that contributed to the death of his master, instead of murder. The death was blamed on a magical experiment that had gone horribly wrong, but the rumors around the House carried more than a hint of the truth.

Aedoin implored her sister, Labonita, to take the young man under her wing. She traded heavily upon the boy's relationship to Gilean Vel, and the high regard with which Darius and Keradre held Gilean Vel after his return to the light.

Labonita, for her part, at first resented the boy. She soon warmed to him, however, finding his headstrong nature and skill in magic somewhat reminiscent of her own abilities. She has taken great pride in mentoring the young man, and completing his training.