A New Generation Rises...

Kyler Markus Mauerin-Valorn

Race: Human

Class: Binder-Archaeologist.

Historical Anecdote One:

Kyler had snuck into the library at the old Radu estate for the fourth night that week. He had gained access to Radu's private papers ever since Magda had been named Elder of Danviegle. He rifled through sheet after sheet of parchment until he came across a peculiar symbol.

Upon gazing at the symbol, a vivid and intense sense of remembrance encompassed him. As if a reality, he saw his father holding a stone, and upon this stone, he observed the same symbol, etched in red.

As her brothers are nearly entranced by the symbol in front of them, Bea is unnoticed as she steps into the silence between them. "Boo," she says loudly while poking each in the side. After but a moment to watch their reactions she laughs and askes, "What is it?"

Historical Anecdote Two:

Kyler climbed the outside of Valorn tower, his fingers strained and bled. The Enclave could not see the dark form against the stone--he was climbing the far side, even though it meant an extra story. The story wall crumbled and his hand came loose. He grunted as he started to slide...

Out of the dark next to him reached a hand, which pointed out a handhold. "There aren't many here," came Bea's voice. Unfortunately, she overstretched and lost her grasp and fell noisily to the ground. A short distance away, the footfalls of a patrol stopped.

"Who goes there?"

The footsteps resumed, heading around the back of the tower.

"THAT was close," came a voice from above them, speaking quietly. Dechan clung to the wall ten feet above the ground. "Come on, you two," he said, resuming the climb.

A few minutes later, they reached the observation deck. The door, as always, remained stuck fast. After a few minutes of fiddlin with it, they perchedo n the crenellations, and gazed around the heavens, following the forms of constellations and other formations.

As dawn approached, Kyler and Bea had to help Dechan back down, but they made it and wearily but happily headed to bed.

Mentor: Doctor Eobard Radu

As brilliant in the classroom as he was fierce in the field, Eobard Radu was a much whispered-about professor of archaeology at The Brautslava Institute in Viaki. In the halls, student and faculty alike spoke in hushed tones about his tenure at the University of Il Aluk, years before the Ascension, and his time delving in the deep dark places of Darkon and Lamordia. Whatever happened to him had cost him his left hand-though student lore claims that the professor's hand appears and disappears from day to day, which led to more than a few incidents of his wooden, gloved hand being stolen from his quarters. Some say the disappearing hand is a curse from the Sea God of Leudendorf, where his family resides. To ask about it was to invite Radu's wrath.

Radu lost interest teaching, and set out from Brautslava to seek vestigial knowledge of ages past, and a worthy apprentice to venture where his tiring body could no longer go. He found that apprentice while seeking out a young docent from his family's ancestral home--not Leudendorf, but Danviegle, Lamordia--in order to locate some papers from its library. He found him surprisingly close-by to Viaki, at the Enclave. He also found in him a kindred, with a thirst for books and knowledge, an appreciation of power, and little fear of it. He is certain that his student will quickly outstrip his abilities as a Binder; though his advice in the field of archaeology will be valuable for years to come.

Why do you want to adventure you around the Enclave, or keep the Enclave safe? What keeps you here?

The Enclave is a crossroads of human and demi-human culture and information. In this, it is fairly unique. It's rife with opportunity and experience. It should therefore be revered and defended. It is also the home of my closest and dearest friends outside of Danviegle, and a place that my father and older self sought to found and defend.

What keeps you busy around the Enclave? Do you have a job? What do you do?

Scholarly pursuits for Master Radu. Illustrating his publications and field notes. I sometimes sell art to local publications and the the wealthy.

The Missed departed from the Enclave six years ago. Who has acted as your parent in the interim?

I was an adult when the Missed departed. And Kyler was not my parent. Markus died many years before, and my mother and grandmother still live.

How did the departure of your parent(s) change your plans and outlook?

Kyler didn't have time to properly mourn or process the death of his father; he was abducted into the House of Leaves.

He idolized Markus, and saw in Kyler a great mantle of responsibility placed upon him. He wanted to be just like his father, but feared when he saw his elder self--and Chilton--that he could not attain it, there was such a large gap in their abilities at the end. He is driven, even as he is consumed with the thought that he cannot measure up.

How would your Missed parent(s) be proud of you?

In his academic achievement and his ideals--to be a proponent of multiculturalism and his desire to build a new University at the Enclave.

Kyler harbors deep seated fears, though, that his father would consider him a failure.

How would your Missed parent(s) be disappointed in you?

In his quest for power, and by the fact that he felt it necessary to seek out potentially dangerous vestiges of elder intelligences.

What is your greatest fear?

Not being able to measure up to his father's legacy and his own. And that Anson will.

What are you short-term (low-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, achievements, etc.)

To fill his information "coffers" as best he can, with fieldwork and books and tales of antiquity from other cultures (especially ones that could lead him and Eobard to the next vestige.)

To obtain and master a flintlock pistol.

What are you medium-term (mid-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, prestige classes, achievements, etc.)

To found a University at the Enclave, open to all races for the most rigorous (possibly arcane and) academic pursuits.

To begin to replace the Domain's great repository of knowledge lost with Il Aluk, with a Great Library.

To surpass Eobard in power, in terms of Binding.

What are you long-term (epic-level) goals? (e.g., magic items, epic destinies, achievements, etc.)

To see the University and Library grow and thrive, and to collect the finest minds in the Domain. To seek out vestiges of Baphomet, and control, or eradicate them, and to ensure that the Tegiels of Tepest do not seek to reclaim or resurrect their Forebear, or be eradicated.

The Darkonese Civil War lasted twice as long as the American Civil War, and it ended less than a decade ago. Veterans and ill-feelings simmer beneath the Iron Crown's reign. How has the Civil War impacted your life?

Largely, it did not. Kyler was in Lamordia, and identified as Lamordian. That said, it had a great impact upon his mentor, Eobard, and his tenure at Brautslava. It was a regrettable loss of book and scholar-information that needs to be recovered.

What one thing should the DM keep in mind about your character?

Kyler is deeply haunted by both his time in the House, and the burden of his father and elder self's legacy. He is further ashamed of his lack of magical ability, and will always want it back, at most any personal cost.