A New Generation Rises...

Legends of The Missed

On August 9, 757, the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown departed the settlement they had created and nurtured in the Enclave. Behind them lay an impression like Tepestani knotwork, and on the road they explored none could follow. Some say they went to another realm to face an evil that threatened all realities. Some say they traveled time to the dawn of the Age of Mists to right wrongs committed before civilization was born. There are none who claim they died, for there is evidence everywhere of their success.

The Goblinslayers transcended their mortality, and even their own legend in the Core. They had become The Missed.

While The Missed are not to be seen again in the Age of Mists, their work stands testament to their ongoing efforts. The prey of the Great Hunter, for instance, are comprised of threats great and small that would have taken lives. And the Wanderer drives his cart down every path and every era, taking subtle measures to further plans as meandering as the road he travels.

The Fist of Ragnarok slumbers, unseen until the moment that a threat arises that is so terrible that only he can stand again it.

Others, though, have a more direct impact upon the Lands of Mist. The ascension of the Feyliege from eastern Darkon resulted in an influx of fey creatures where before there had been very few. These creatures have spread outward, some with kindness in their hearts and others malice, but all capricious.

The Mighty Alirail, Sainted Ascendant of Tymora, is said to have left trinkets and useful items scattered across all realms where Tymora is known. These are carefully placed so as to be in the path of those who perform heroic quests, and thereby win the favor of Lady Luck. One such item was found early in the careers of the Heirs to The Missed legacy, when the young heroes stumbled upon an enchanted coin in the Monument to The Missed in the Enclave.

And also are the sisters, Vatusia and Fiona, who dwell on opposite ends of a sparkling constellation. It is said by some that the constellation does not obey the natural law. Those who believe the legend say that the star Vatusia shifts its position to guide those who are lost and seeking home. Some also whisper that the opposite star, Fiona, also moves. As in life, the sisters often work at odds to one another. Whereas Vatusia helps travelers get out of trouble, Fiona helps those who seek trouble to find it.