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Masters of Necromancy

This large book, twelve inches wide by eighteen inches tall, is made of blackened wood planks, joined together along the spine with humanoid bones and leather straps. The title, "Masters of Necromancy," is stamped on the front cover in small electrum letters. The interior pages are missing. Instead there are tatters of parchment sheets revealing glimpses of text here and there.


This book could be sold for twenty gold crowns, but its value may still be far greater, considering its former owner and the contents it once held.


This ruined volume was once a workbook of the infamous death master Charles Nimonitti, a Richemulan villain who instructed a number of other like-minded wizards. Among his proteges were a trio of death masters who served the wizard Gilean Vel in the area of the Miasmoor. Soon after Vel's "Factory" in the Miasmoor was discovered and shut down by the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown, Master Nimonitti found himself without heirs and on the run. He fled north, by all accounts, though till now there has been no indication of the fate that awaited him.

Additional Information:

After his flight from Richemulot, Charles Nimonitti vowed revenge against the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown, the heroes now known as The Missed. In order to exact his revenge, he began recruiting new apprentices from across the heartlands of Darkon.

These deathmasters came from baronies such as Karg, Corvia, and possibly northern Tempe. What Nimonitti had not realized, though, was that organizing a cabal of deathmasters in central Darkon is not the same as doing the same in the lawless wilderness of Richemulot.

Before he could finish training his new apprentices, Nimonitti and his would-be cabalists were hunted down by agents of the Iron Crown. The apprentices were all slain, and Nimonitti was sent on the run.

He fled east, towards the borderlands where the Iron Crown's attention is less intense. Along the way, in the forests north of the town of Raske, Nimonitti dropped his ruined Masters of Necromancy text. He was alive when he dropped it, but that is all that a study of the ruined text could reveal.

There was, however, one more detail that the book could yield. Nimonitti was not just running east to escape persecution, or to exact his revenge on The Missed. He had, in fact, been intrigued by conversations with a spirit he met while wandering in the barony of Karg. This spirit had promised Nimonitti great power if he should journey to the Dungeon of Graves, Rappan Athuk, and bend his knee before the master of that place.