A New Generation Rises...

Quality Scimitar

This magnificent, curved-bladed sword has a pommel device in the shape of a falcon's head. Akiri hieroglyphs run the length of the blade and the breadth of the crossguard. The runes invoke the Akiri deity Horus to grant the blade's wielder wisdom enough to always strike true.
The hawk's right eye is a small red garnet, symbolizing Horus, whose right eye is the sun.

Game Mechanics:

This quality weapon is keen-edged, granting it a +1 bonus to damage.


This scimitar was forged years ago in the Akiri town of Mudar. It was made to specifications provided by the archaeologist Davis AnDearg. He wanted to give the blade as a gift to his son, the Missed hero Chilton AnDearg. By the time the blade was finished, however, Chilton had already come across a finer weapon in his travels with the heroes of the Missed.

Davis retired the blade for decades before finally making the journey to the Enclave and giving the weapon as a gift to the daughter of his dear friends the Androlovs.