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Shield of the Night

This steel medium shield has frayed and worn leather straps decorated with two dozen small metal stars. The shield is in almost perfect condition except for a large gash in the face and the condition of the straps.

Game Mechanics:

An accurate appraisal of this weapon reveals that, other than the stars, which are electrum, this shield is fairly common. It has a value of approximately 44 gold crowns.


This shield was taken from beneath the table of the bugbear jailers who stood over the slave pens beneath Darkshelf Quarry.

The true value of this shield is in its historical legacy. It is the Shield of the Night, the shield worn by the heroic Nova Vaasan adventurer, and priest of Selune, Reihnart Josefson. A son of the Nova Vaasan Highlands, Josefson traveled the grasslands of Nova Vaasa in his youth, and fought the evils of the Southern Kingdom with great bravery during the War of the Shadow.

The fact that this shield appeared alongside a holy symbol in the dungeons beneath Darkshelf Quarry is a strong indicator that the career of Reinhart Josefson has come to a sad end.