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Silver Broadsword

The broadsword is a primitive, brutally effective weapon. The silver blade and careful workmanship of the hilt and pommel create an interesting juxtoposition within the weapon itself. The pommel is a ring device, wrought with the sigil of a weaponsmith dwelling in the Enclave.

Game Mechanics:

This weapon overcomes Damage Reduction as a silver weapon.

Because it is made of pure silver, there is risk of damaging the weapon if it is used against an opponent wearing metal armor (ringmail or better), or a creature with natural armor or hide that is equally tough.


This silver broadsword was found on the hip of a goblin sub-chief serving the menace known as the Dymrak Dread. This sub-chief had been commanded by the Dread to raid shipments out of the Enclave bound to points such as Shady Hollow and Aulbesmil. In addition to a cartload of leathergoods out of Walker's Leathergoods Emporium, his minions also intercepted this blade; most likely they took it from the body of the warrior who had commissioned it.