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Spellbook of Glyrthiel

This is a slender, delicate tome with gauzy pages that are largely blank. The penmanship is in a flowing elfin script; there appear to be only a half-dozen spells at most. The last thirty pages are blank.

Game Mechanics:

This is a traveling spellbook. It weighs three pounds; five such books will fit snugly in a backpack. It has a total of fifty pages.

A wizard cannot prepare spells from another wizard's spellbook, but the spellbook can be used to aid in one's own research. If a user of Arcane (Wizardry) Magicks attempts to research and learn a spell that is included in this book, using this book as a resource, he gains a +20% bonus to the research effort. (This benefit is not doubled if additional wealth is devoted to the research process, as described in Chapter Ten of The Missed Player's Handbook.)

Preparation Ritual:

This spellbook grants no additional benefit when it is used as part of spell preparation.


  1. Beast Tattoo, Change Self, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep


This was the spellbook of the bladesinger Glyrthiel. In her notes she deviates from her magical studies to rage against the Amaellon Court of the Darkonese elves. She was an elf of the Tahlalfel tribe, whose name translates to “Blade Harmony of the Lake."

Hunkered in tightly knit clans around the eastern bodies of water, the Tahlalfel sustained themselves on the woodlands and abundant fishing available to them. They defended themselves adeptly, as well, boasting some of the most skilled bladesingers in the kingdom. These defenders, unlike those of the Amaellon and most other tribes, were raised to defend their own people before all other elves. This tribe was most likely the most defiant in the face of the elfin monarchy.

Glyrthiel wrote of her strident belief that it was pride that caused the Amaellon--and not the will of Correllon Larethian himself--to commit the Scourging of Arak. She saw the branding of her people as the Lahrneh, or "The Nameless," as the ultimate act of betrayal from the royal court. She left Darkon rather than be absorbed into another tribe, and for decades she worked against the interests of the Amaellon Court and all those who supported them. At length, this came to mean working for the Slave Lords, and the half-elf/half-dwarf Bazili Erak.