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Spellbook of the Wandering Hermit

This pocket-sized journal is constructed of leather with parchment pages. Inside are the detailed notes of a crazed spellcaster known to bards and storytellers as "The Wandering Hermit." Among the notes are a collection of arcane dweomers.

Game Mechanics:

This is a small traveling spellbook. It weighs two pounds; along with four traditionally sized traveling spellbooks, it will snugly fill a backpack. It has a total of thirty pages.

A wizard cannot prepare spells from another wizard's spellbook, but the spellbook can be used to aid in one's own research. If a user of Arcane (Wizardry) Magicks attempts to research and learn a spell that is included in this book, using this book as a resource, he gains a +20% bonus to the research effort. (This benefit is not doubled if additional wealth is devoted to the research process, as described in Chapter Ten of The Missed Player's Handbook.)

Preparation Ritual:

This spellbook grants no additional benefit when it is used as part of spell preparation.


  1. Dazzle, Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Wizard Mark
  2. Web


This spellbook was taken from the hoard of the green dragon Saedacus, who pillaged across the northern forests of Dementlieu and also into Lamordia, Falkovnia and even southwest Darkon to feed and add to his ever-growing hoard. The book's previous owner--the eponymous Wandering Hermit, met the same sad fate as most others who witnessed the attack of the "demon" that haunted the northern forests. If he carried other spellbooks with him at the time, they were either left with his body (and likely taken by thieves) or destroyed along with the hermit himself.