A New Generation Rises...

Fuel for the War Against Darkness!

The borderlands are rife with danger, but not all of their mysteries are terrible. This is the wonder that keeps bands of adventure seekers risking health and happiness to plunge into forgotten caverns, haunted ruins, and the twisted boughs of eldritch swamplands: those who can overcome the danger reap great benefits!

Things continue to manifest in the borderlands that hearken to a time before the Age of Mists, when Darkon was known by a different name, and magic--true magic--was commonplace. The creatures brought along with these shadowy landmarks may be beyond the understanding of modern man, but the treasures they guard are equally mind-boggling.

And not all wonders are as ancient as these. The Culling during the War of the Shadow left the Core nearly bereft of arch-magi, but the Age of Mists had already seen the creation many items--from the House of Sages to the Academy of Hazlan to the dozens of sanctioned magi toiling under the Iron Crown himself. More than a few of these items fell into the wrong hands when their owners perished during some mission. There they languished, awaiting the day that you come to liberate them!