A New Generation Rises...

Where Do You Seek Adventure?

The Goblinslayers had adventure foisted upon them, but the world seems to have learned a harsh lesson in their wake. The Lands of Mist forged a crucible in which the children of Kirablis became the greatest heroes of the Age of Mists. Today, adventure seekers are much less likely to be pressed into service. The creatures in the shadows do not want to face another generation of heroes.

You will choose your own path far more often than the path will choose you. The resources on this page provide background and maps for you to plot your next excursion.

Open the Darkon Gazetteer to find a domain history that has been updated with the campaigns we've played these last twenty-five years. Find your own accomplishments mixed liberally with the canon history of the domain.

Or walk the streets of the Enclave. The Enclave provides not just a backdrop for rest between adventures. Adventure hooks abound for fame, glory and heroism within the town itself. Or if you are interested in ranging far from home, the Nevuchar Environs map shows you the borderlands of eastern Darkon, which has changed dramatically in the six years since the Goblinslayers bade their last farewells.

Consider the options available to you. Compare what looks intriguing here to the Rumors that are currently in play. Your next adventure awaits!