A New Generation Rises...

The Towns of Nevuchar

When the Goblinslayers left the Enclave, they had created a point of light, a beacon in the sea of darkness that was the eastern bordlands of Darkon. East of the Enclave lay the town of New Ghelspad, and far to the south rose the lighthouse erected in partnership with the Rivtoffs of Nova Vaasa. North stood the barony's capital, the shrine of Nevuchar Springs. Nearly all else was untapped wilderness.

But the Goblinslayers' journey carried them to the dawn of the Age of Mists, and it granted them immortality. For many thousands of years the Goblinslayers have functioned behind the scenes, quietly nudging the world into a pattern that suits their tastes.

The new modern era is subtly different from that which the Goblinslayers knew personally. The borderlands are no less a deadly place crawling with ravenous horrors of every stripe, but the human spirit is stronger. Settlements arose sooner, took root earlier, and only grew stronger when the Enclave was founded. The map of Nevuchar Environs shows these settlements.

The children of the Goblinslayers have always known this era. They were born into it. Here is what is commonly known about these villages, which are not new, precisely, but are the direct result of the immortality of the greatest heroes of the Age of Mists.

For travel from town to town, use this Distance Guide.