A New Generation Rises...

Year Date Event *
-1500 Estimated time of the archmage Tsojcanth, who battled the demon prince Graz’zt and another demon prince of undeath who was once prominent in the northern domain now known as Darkon. Tsojcanth prepares a crypt and vault in an ancient cavern when he senses his death is near.
-1400 Estimated birth of Thiondar, the great elf king.
-1250 The Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign brings about the destruction of the nation of Valossa, sinking it below the modern-day Sea of Sorrows.
-1200 Seven dwarven kingdoms sprawl across the reaches of modern-day Lamordia and Darkon, and beyond.
-1000 Estimated date for the beginning of the reign of King Thiondar over the nine elfin tribes. Of these nine, only three remain within the elfin court today.
-650 Nomadic humans are chased from the Balinoks foothills and Forest of Shadows into the Vuchar River Valley and settle near modern day Il Aluk and Karg. Approximate date of the founding of Il Aluk and Karg.
-500 Thiondar vanishes with a fraction of his elfin followers.
-50 A small coastal town springs up on the coast of the Sea of Sorrows, where Leudendorf will one day stand.
1 The Nation of Barovia is founded by the ancestors of Strahd von Zarovich. Beginning of the Barovian Calendar. Virtually nothing else is known about this event in time.
393 The Nightmage is killed in his tower overlooking the town that would grow into modern-day Nartok.
450 Aravan forms the Keepers of the Veil.
500 Estimated date for The Laughing Man to have set up court in Blood Bayou, Lamordia.
550 A schism in the Keepers of the Veil leaves them without their allies, the Letheans.
550 Francisco and Drac claim the title of Sea Lord of Leudendorf after one final raid of piracy. War engulfs Leudendorf.
550 The Seven Dwarven Kingdoms are shattered. Explictica Defilus is trapped in the Deep Dwarven Delve with an active portal to the Nine Hells.
551 Anhktepot is murdered by his own followers. He is given the funeral befitting his station as pharaoh, and he awakens soon afterward as an undead creature. The Walls of Ra appear, blocking the domain of Har’Akir from the rest of the Abal river valley.
560 Sea Lord Drac betrays Francisco and ends the wars against Leudendorf by agreeing to pay fealty to Baron von Aubrecker of Lamordia.
575 Mabius, son of the elf chieftain of the Tahlalfel betrays the shadow fey enslaved by Gwydion, trapping them in their prison. While interacting with these shadow fey, among them the sith, Mabius learns that they were once elves, but that Gwydion changed them and made them far more powerful in order to better serve him.
575 August 1 The Night of Hewn Elms.
579 Earliest known record of Azalin Rex as Magarch of Darkon.
580 The elf Vialon betrays his people to the Iron Crown in order to overcome a deadly woods haunt. Wielding magic from Azalin Rex, General Craegor Wrillis destroys the woods haunt. In return, Darkon annexes all of the elfin wood west of Rivalis. Vialon and his people are cast out of the elfin wood, settling in the village that men will eventually come to call Volath Grey.
588 The Scouring of Arak. All life in the domain is eradicated, destroying several “Lost Tribes.” Three elfin worshipers of a spider demoness are brought down by the elfin royal court. Two are slain, while the third, Tristessa, escapes in the form of a vile banshee. Tristessa moves to Mt. Lament in Keening. Soon after, dark-skinned elves are spotted moving about the domain of Arak at night.
590 The newly appointed first baron of Maykle finds an ancient elf, Anachrin Anias wandering. The elf claims to be the last of the Ch’thar, Thiondar’s people. He is executed and his arms are put on display.
596 Duke Boldiszar Gundar claims an expanse of western Barovia and eastern Invidia as a domain under his own name. More than a century of strife begins as the line of Counts von Zarovich and the rulers of Invidia strive to reclaim their lands.
625 Duke Gundar puts down the first Unwise Rebellion.
626 Kirablis is founded.
630 Approximate date of the naming of Carlyn’s Crossing by the Iron Crown.
634 A group of Blademasters who will become the Deathangels appear in the area that will one day be Dorvinia.
637 Duke Gundar puts down the second Unwise Rebellion.
641 The archmage Iggwilv emerges from the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and, with the aid of demons, conquers the barony of Corvia in southern Darkon. She reigns for a year in the face of the Iron Crown, further souring relations between men and dwarves.
642 The archmage Iggwilv, weakend by some means unknown to those outside her inner circle, is toppled from her thrown by a force of Darkonese soldiers, Corvian resistance fighters, and Kargat agents. Iggwilv disappears, presumably back to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. Neither she nor the caverns is not found, even by her Kargat pursuers.
649 Victor Mordenheim is born in the family estate near Neufurchtenburg.
664 Autumn The Sad Autumn, Viroleche kidnaps six children from the area around Rivalis.
665 Old Lane is founded by order of King Azalin. A Temple of the Eternal Order is built, and a road is constructed to connect to the King's Way. Soon after construction is completed, plans to make a highway from Rivalis to Martira Bay fall through.
665 Vlad Drakov is born. There is speculation that he was born in the wilderness south of Darkon, which would some day become known as Falkovnia, or that he was alternatively born in a domain beyond the Mists known as “Taladas."
675 The Guardians break away from the Deathangels in Dorvinia, beginning under the precedent that might should be used for right.
675 Aravan's successor's invite wizards into the Keepers of the Veil, the Morabundians.
688 The Crimson Death (a deadly plague) spreads across Darkon.
689 Vlad Drakov appears in Darkon for the first time, leading a band of mercenaries. Drakov and his men pillage small villages along the southwestern border of the domain, drawing the Iron Crown’s ire.
690 Vlad Drakov’s terror campaign in Darkon ends. After months of striking in the north and fleeing to cover in the wilderness beyond Darkon’s southern border, Drakov rallies the disparate tribes under his hawk banner, founding the domain of Falkovnia.
690 Marten Drac becomes Sea Lord of Leudendorf. Among his many vile acts, he passes the law that all future Sea Lords must be descendents of Drac.
700 King Drakov of Falkovnia invades Darkon for the first time but is repelled by legions of the undead. Lord Mischa Khosnovic deals some of the only Darkonese losses by killing the baron of Nartok and the commander of that city’s defenses.
701 Duke Gundar puts down the third Unwise Rebellion. To ensure there is not a fourth, he sees the crucifixion of all Gundarakite nobles not related to him by marriage outside Castle Hunadora.
703 April 24 Golak Sharda is defeated in Lamordia. Among the marching warriors, at the age of sixteen, is Wrett Asept.
703 Isabella Aderre, twelve years old, is enslaved in Falkovnia by King Vlad Drakov.
704 King Drakov of Falkovnia attacks Darkon a second time, but is again repelled by legions of undead. Lord Mischa Khosnovic is present at the front and is saved only by a Vistani bauble enchanted by Isabella Aderre.
707 A very young Dominic d’Honaire arrives in the city of Port-a-Lucine with his family. They have come from Mordentshire-by-the-Sea.
707 King Drakov invades Dementlieu, but his well-trained Talons turn on one another and defeat themselves in battle.
711 For the third time, the armies of Falkovnia invade Darkon and are defeated.
711 Honorus Skell brings victory over the Araki elves in the border skirmish war. Skell is summoned to Il Aluk, where he is honored and taken into the king’s confidence.
715 Jebediah Strom found dead in his home by agents of Baron Groth.
715 The seal cracks on the prison of the urd beneath the Home of Melchizedek. A force of urd escape into the Age of Mists.
715 Baron Groth is deposed. Baron Wrillis comes to power in Rivalis.
716 The Keepers of the Veil are officially disbanded. They disintegrate into an underground organization, operating from horseranches and shops.
718 Lord Mischa Khosnovic founds a school for Blademasters in Falkovnia, based on the Deathangels of Dorvinia, but tied directly to the Falcon Throne.
722 Drakov's armies attempt a fourth invasion of Darkon and again fall before legions of undead.
722 Milton Drac becomes Sea Lord of Leudendorf. He betrays Drakov and does not support the invasion of Darkon. Milton is branded a traitor.
724 The Raven becomes a household name, burgling from the wealthy all along the Jagged Coast, in Martira Bay, in Volath Grey, in Old Lane.
725 The Raven mysteriously vanishes. People begin selling raven-embossed calling cards as novelties; he is elevated to a cult-icon, a hero of the people.
726 October 29 Halloway and Nightshade's Carnival Compendium of Delight comes to Kirablis, Darkon. A small group of children become involved in the murder of Master Nightshade, the leader of the carnival. The events of this night set them on the path to becoming the Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown, the Missed.
726 Milton Drac begins construction of the Lighthouse of Drac in Leudendorf, Lamordia. The Lighthouse bankrupts the city coffers, rising higher than any other construction in Lamordia. It becomes known as "Milton's Folly."
730 12 Eleasis A band of Vagabonds return from a work detail outside Lindale, Damara. They soon find themselves embarking on a lifetime of adventures and heroism.
730 Nicolai Drakov is born to King Vlad Drakov of Falkovnia. He is deemed a “threat” to his father’s reign and order executed. Rumors persist for decades afterward that a nursemaid’s baby was killed instead of Nicolai, and that mysterious agents slipped Nicolai to safety in another domain.
732 June 4 The children of Kirablis, now grown, embark on their first mission, accompanying their childhood friend, a Keeper of the Veil, on a trip to the House of Diireway. This marks the beginning of their trek to becoming the Missed.
733 Winter A white-skinned child, no older than two, is found on the doorstep of the Sleeping Dragon. Naming her Blasse, Gilad takes her in and gives her a home.
735 "Present Day" of Realm of Terror Campaign Setting (first campaign set, the Black Box).
737 May 30 Baron Wrillis is assassinated in Rivalis, Darkon.
738 Autumn Duke Gundar is assassinated by a band of adventurers who believe they are the heroes prophecied by Hyksosa’s Six Signs.
740 “Present Day” of Ravenloft, Revised Campaign Setting (Second campaign setting, The Red Box).
740 December 18 The Great Upheaval ends. Domains--including Bluetspur, the Nightmare Lands, Markovia, and Gehenna are gone. Geography shifts. The Eye of Bane is removed from the night sky, and Bane's decade of silence begins.
741 April 2 a group of travellers meet in Loralon, Ergosia. When a woman begs them for help, the five of them follow Cyrus Bluesnout’s brigands into some old mines. They embark on a career that will have them named the Knights of Ergosia.
742 December Lilly, a lillend, sends the Goblinslayers into a ruined temple of the Morninglord, below which lies a temple of the Iron Father from the Age of Magic. This temple houses a portal beyond which lies Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Keradre sacrifices her sanity sealing the portal with the Elder Sign given to the heroes by Stanislaus Inganov.
749 Winter A long, dangerous Wolf Winter settles overDarkon. It begins early and runs late into the following year.
750 July 31 The 750 Hurricane batters western Lamordia.
750 August 2 The Hour of Ascension occurs at 6:34pm. Gregory Walker and Azalin Rex are apparently destroyed in the cataclysm, which mysteriously ends exactly sixty minutes later. Il Aluk is left a city of the Dead, and Darkon loses its identity. All understand that the proper name of the northernmost domain is Necropolis.
750 August 2 At the same moment as the Ascension, the gods are jostled, and magic is broken. The Mists recede, revealing the Nocturnal Sea to the east, among other drastic differences. The Core is forever altered.
751 “Present Day” of Ravenloft, Domains of Dread Setting (Third campaign setting, The Black Book).
751 18 Mirtul The last adventure of the Knights of Ergosia, defeating the Church-Guild of Tiamat. Soon after, they make the acquaintance of the Vagabonds and join their heroic quests.
751 May 27 Himmelske Naeve Pieter Jergaar erupts during a sermon, changing into a devilish creature named Iyachtu Xvim, the Godson of the Bane, the Lawgiver. The Godson has revealed himself in Nova Vaasa and claimed his birthright.
752 August 2 Darkest Night falls upon the entire Core. The War of the Shadow ends in Borca; the domain is purged. The War of SHADOWs ends in Darkon; the arch-devil Dispater is defeated.
752 September 2 Leudendorf’s Reclamation Project begins. Bloodsalt district is founded as barbarians from the Watcher’s broken hordes wander into town and start taking up residence.
752 December Dementlieu befriends the Home Faith with a substantial donation to recover from the Scourging of Borca.
753 January Teodorus Reines travels to Praesidius Levin Postoya in the ruined cathedral of Levkarest, Borca. He is acknowledged as the Bastion of the fourth sect of anchorites. His book is canonized, and Reines returns north to sweep across the disaffected domain of Necropolis, reclaiming many temples of the Eternal Order for Ezra.
753 June 9 The children of the Goblinslayers enter the Feywild to save the miller Werthan. These events are revealed to be a test orchestrated by Milton Rhilmerrid and a lillend named Lilly, likely at the behest of a member of the eladrin Court of Stars.
753 Summer Goblyn Fog destroys Easting Reach.
754 Midwinter Bane the Lawgiver erupts from the body of his God Son, Iyachtu Xvim. He remains in corporeal form for sixty-six days before descending to reclaim power in the Iron Hells.
755 “Present Day” of Ravenloft, Third-Edition Setting (Fourth campaign setting, The Arthaus Collection).
755 April 10 Azalin Rex returns to his land. All across the Core know that it is against called Darkon. Civil War ends across the domain.
755 April 16 Annual balls begin again in Castle Avernus, with all of Darkon’s barons present. Several do not return, and are quickly replaced. Among those who are executed for displeasing the Iron Crown are Baron Roderick of Rivalis, Baron Kandre of Nevuchar Springs, and Baroness Lheersen of Maykle. They are replaced by a halfling, an elf, and a human respectively.
755 Thaw Azalin Rex decrees that the Eternal Order is again the state religion. He does not enforce this edict as before, however, and Teodorus Reines continues to repurpose abandoned Eternal Order temples to Our Guardian in the Mists.
756 December The last adventure of the Vagabonds. To save their friend, Chaderick Taelon, they enter the ruined lair of the Cult of Vas-Gauros.
757 June 4 A conjunction with the feywild occurs over Crispin’s Glen in the Enclave. The Goblinslayers battle a primordial dryad, who speaks of an invasion from the Prince of Beasts that must be permitted to save Mithrendain.
757 July 20 The Rain of Fire. Burning comets fall from the heavens, lighting the Lands of Mist aflame. In response, the Mists rise up, engulfing the domains. A battle erupts between an army of identical men wielding broadswords against the flying beasts within each comet. Soon after the battle begins, the men begin calling out against “Darius Androlov,” and they begin touching men, animals, even the beasts they fight. Whatever they touch becomes another warrior identical to the others. These men call out to Darius Androlov and state that there can be only one Fist of Ragnarok. They travel the Mists to the Enclave where Darius fights a duel against Brode, the source of all these clones. Brode perishes as The Mighty Alirail and Mikhail Zuffenoft trigger a magical rod that shelters the Lands of Mist from the remaining comets. The Rain of Fire ends, and the Fist of Ragnarok is known to all across the Lands of Mist.
757 August 9 The Goblinslayers of the Iron Crown leave the Enclave in a procession that makes a clear sign of the torch being past to those who will lead the settlement into the future. The Goblinslayers are never seen in the Age of Mists again. They have become the Missed.
763 June 9 The children of the Goblinslayers set out on their first adventure, saving the village of Shady Hollow from the horrors of the Pumpkin Lord. In the aftermath they learn from Farmer Branbrook that his son Gray saw a humanoid creature bury an object at the crash site a short time before the Pumpkin Lord's arrival.
763 June 24 Equus, an emissary of the Feyliege Keradre Androlov, leads the heirs to The Missed on a clandestine adventure into the Feywild, where they defeat the summoned army of the evil leprechaun Lo'ki.
763 June The children of the Goblinslayers complete their investigation of four amnesiacs abducted in succession over the last year from points around the Enclave. They confront the psionic halfling Branko Gobbet, who flees them and dies falling from the roof of his own home.
763 July 15 In search of the goblinoid menace known as the Dymrak Dread, the heirs to the Missed locate an ancient tower marked by a pre-Elfin rune. On the windowless fourth floor are several portals, one of which functions and connects to a second tower along the northern Misty Border.
763 July 19 The heirs to the Missed locate the goblin chief Kosivikh in the Dymrak Forest region of the Forest of Shadows, south of Laughing Lake, and they kill him. In the process they uncover a cairn housing the remains of a pre-Nova Vaasan Highlander warlord, and several signs of his lost settlement.
763 October 22 The heirs to the Missed travel to the island domain of Traladar. There, they save Laina Vadenvic and her aunt and uncle, Gustav and Selena, from their vampire forebear, Andru. Laina's betrothed, Iajo Moubatka is slain, and the aggrieved Constantina Brezovo takes advantage of the chaos to murder her longtime enemy Hugo Strolojca.
763 December The heirs to the Missed travel into the badlands of former Arak to investigate rumors of the Slave Lords. While there, they slay the Slave Lord Bazili Erak. They also ring the Holly Bell, seeding life across the Scourged land, and destroy an anchor of the Chained God, releasing blocked memories of goblins attacking Crispin's oak.
764 Thaw The heirs to the Missed accompany an expedition into the Yolbiac Vale and stop the reincarnation of the Great Old One Jaundoo.
764 May 27 The door to the Threefold Prison is discovered in the maze of the sewers under the Enclave. It stands beneath the Claritas Tree of ESSPA and within easy reach of the Temple of Delios.
764 June A treasure map from the home of Branko Gobbet leads the heroes to a chest of gold under Schel's garden. Opening stirs up a feud between the haunt of a dead thief and the banshee of the dwarven avenger who died stalking him. The heroes must put both to rest in order to save lives across the Enclave.
764 Summer The heroes investigate three more rune towers, traveling from Moondale to Holler Hollow to northern Dementlieu. In the process they defeat a cabal of black arrow archers, a yuan-ti incursion, and a rapacious green dragon.
764 October Whispers inside Valorn Tower lead the heroes west to Fal Galen, where they come into conflict with the Withershadow Combine in an effort to save Duncan Anders, Curtullen Rank, and the monk Kaolus.
764 November When Moss Charles asks the heroes to take a second look at the documents they brought back from Darkshelf Quarry, the heroes find themselves on the verge of discovering the secret location of the Slave Lords themselves. They travel south into former Arak with the avenger Rufus, where they slay the Doomdreamer and recover the notes and ledgers of the Slave Lord Brother Kerin.
765 March The wedding of a retired crypt ranger and apothecary's daughter takes a frightening twist when a portal opens to the demiplane known as the Fellnight Realm. The heroes defend Elderwood and the domain of Darkon against Rhoswen, the Fellnight Queen.